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We understand that our students come from around the world and have different understandings of how university fees are assessed. This is why we offer a detailed look into our Program Fees as well as a frank discussion of what additional expenses should be expected or researched. We do this to empower our students to begin their journey toward their Master with confidence and certainty. We want you to focus on your studies and not your finances.


Tuition for both the Master in International Teaching and The Master of International Studies is straightforward and standardized based on your choice of a Thesis or Non-Thesis Track to graduation. This means that tuition is not based on each credit, but instead the overall program. A standard tuition is applied each semester for 3 semesters, and in the 4th semester fees for your Thesis v. Non-Thesis Track are applied. The tuition and fees based on a 4-semester program are as follows:

Tuition & Fees List

The following are the tuition and fees based on 2019. 




Payable Every Semester for 4 Semesters:

  • 3,250,000 KRW Domestic Students

  • 2,437,500 KRW International Students 3.0 GPA and above

  • 3,250,000 KRW International Students Below 3.0 GPA




Upon Applying:

  • Application Fee: 50,000 KRW


First Semester:

  • Graduate School Fee: 750,000 KRW


Third Semester:

  • Accumulative Exam: 45,000 KRW


Fourth Semester:

  • Thesis Track Fee: 220,000 KRW

  • Non-Thesis Credits Fee: 1,200,000 KRW ​​


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In addition to the Program Costs, it is important to also consider the following expenses when preparing for graduate school in South Korea:

Program Costs Overview

Domestic Students

International Students

GPA Over 3.0

*This is an estimated value of the cost for tuition and fees. Amounts may vary depending on the program selected, number of transfer credits applied, the pace and satisfactory completion of the selected program credit hours, receipt of a scholarship, and adjustments to tuition or fees by Namseoul University.

​※ Housing fee is not included. Please see the housing information below. 


All incoming International Students who reside outside of South Korea at the time of application are required to live on campus during their first semester. This allows the Namseoul GEI office to more completely support you while you acclimate to living in a new country, learn a new culture, develop new friends and experience your new university life. You will find this additional support invaluable as you learn to navigate both school and life.


It is important to note that this cost is separate from tuition costs and space is not guaranteed. You must apply for housing separately from graduate school. To apply to live in the dormitory, CLICK HERE to download the housing application and submit the complete application to GEI ( All information for Namseoul Dormitory and other facilities is on this file. (Click and download it.)


International Student VISA

International students who 1) are not living in South Korea on a legal visa who 2) are admitted to the Namseoul Master Programs will need to receive a valid graduate school Visa (D-2) in order to attend. For more information, please email us at .


PLEASE NOTE Acceptance into a Namseoul Global Education Institute Masters Degree Program does not guarantee a student visa. Immigration processes visas separately from admission into Namseoul University. Upon acceptance to a Namseoul GEI Program, you will need to apply for your D2 Visa. You will need to provide such things as, but not limited to,  1) certificates of deposit of 18,000 USD and 2) proof of intent to return to the home country. If you have questions about the D2 Visa process please contact our office and we will do our best to assist you.


If you have already received D-2 Visa, check International Student Visa Regulation.


Upon being accepted into a Namseoul GEI Program and receiving your D2 Visa your continued enrollment in the Namseoul GEI Program will be dependent on complying with the D2 Visa rules and regulations while living in South Korea. This includes, but is not limited to, registering your place of employment, providing a current address and phone number, attending classes, and maintaining your GPA.


If you are an International Student who already lives and works in South Korea on a legal visa you may attend university Namseoul Univerity without changing visas. The choice is yours.

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