Master in International Studies

The Master in International Studies Program prepares students for dynamic international careers with three areas of emphasis to choose from: Negotiation and Law, Entrepreneurship, or Service Industry Leadership. Each area of study includes specialized financial aid options designed to support students and improve equity. These connections with partner industries also increase practical learning opportunities that empower graduates in the workforce. Additional custom fellowship and/or internship options may be available to those who qualify.

Emphasis 1: Negotiation and Law Concentration

The Negotiation and Law concentration educates future business negotiators and Law specialists to work in international organizations. This concentration offers coursework in business strategy and negotiation and provides expertise with business contracts.

Emphasis 2: Entrepreneurship Concentration

The Entrepreneurship concentration educates students to lead this global era and prepares them to work for international companies or to start their own businesses. Students are exposed to business strategies from startups to IPOs, while they develop creativity, and acquire knowledge in innovation and business regulations.

Emphasis 3: Service Industry Leadership Concentration

The Service Industry Leadership concentration prepares and trains students to become a leader in the service industries and hospitality sectors such as hotels and resorts.

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Thesis & Non-Thesis Graduation Tracks

30 Unit MIS course Catalog

(21 Core Course Credits + 9 Elective Credits)

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